Letter of Interest for Youth Council Representative

Trinity Urban Youth Opportunity provides leadership development in partnership with The Mended Network. The partnership embraces an economic development platform where empowered youth contribute to creating a thriving community. Come learn how growing your own professional and personal network will equip you to draw closer to a vision for your future achievement. Your initial step requires a completed Intake Form (below) and a letter of interest that can be emailed to info@themendednetwork.org with the subject line as: Letter of Interest for Youth Council Representative.
Intake Form Questionnaire
Trinity Urban Youth Opportunity (TUYO)
This newly developed initiative aspires to fully embrace an entrepreneurial spirit focusing on future student achievement. We believe students possess their own unique assets and our communities globally must make an intentional effort to partner with you. It’s a good time for others to recognize that upcoming generations of youth will be the greatest resource ever. Youth depend on adults for support so that will not change. However, a real opportunity exists for youth to build upon an infrastructure contributing to community wellbeing. The priority now is to broaden awareness of an overall youth development potential. Sought out student's value first the well-being of the greater community before themselves. TUYO plans on challenging the status quo and moving cultural values away from individualistic bias. Together we can build a healthier community environment.
Values Shaping Culture
When you watch the news or when you search for news are you aware of what information is necessary to form an opinion of the issues challenging your peers? This question is meant to take a deeper dive into what level of interest you have in becoming part of the solution to today's challenges. The answers to this question do not need to include your views on a political agenda or arguments for a public debate. The question prompts you to consider what information you need to process and whether you have a system in place to decipher new information based on a set of values. If you do not have a clear understanding of your values, please take time to write your thoughts. What do you need to do to arrive at a set of personal values that help guide your personal and professional path?