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Mended Network goals

Envision a Healthy Home Environment for Every Family. The Mended Network mission implements a holistic process to restore families to a healthier home environment. Family referrals or homes identified usually are fighting to overcome deep-rooted issues such as generational poverty, racism, and traumatic experiences. Poor decision-making amplifies these conditions and derails key social determinants of health for children and adults. Some other factors are discovered usually in the process. Each environment brings new learning and can drive community development and community engagement levels across sectors. Being mindful of the sectors and what contributions or assets they bring sparks new relationships. The healthy relationships sought create in essence what will responsibly strengthen community well-being. Therefore, we encourage every neighbor to connect to a network within their community or close to it. When an established or new community network collaborates to bring emergency relief and family restoration together, we see a healthier home environment.

The Mended Revitalization Program (MRP) works in communities with volunteers to meet the needs of homeowners. Mended, alongside partnering cities, community-based organizations, and special initiatives, serve homeowners to rebuild their homes to healthy and safe conditions. MRP is a city-wide collaborative that brings strengths, assets, and aspirations together for a thriving community.

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To help community members with much needed home repairs, the City of Haltom City has created the Haltom City Neighborhood Improvement Program. Haltom City has partnered in this economic development program with The Mended Network. There are numerous owner-occupied houses in Haltom City exhibiting various stages of decline, which has a major impact on the deterioration of the real estate property tax base throughout the city. The Mended Revitalization Program will address the redevelopment of existing housing stock in Haltom City and promote development within the city.

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To see if you qualify, please download a copy of the application form. Copies are also available at City Hall, the Central Fire Station, Library or the Recreation Center. 

The Mended Network Program Application Packet

Corporate Community Builders are dedicated to strengthening community well-being on behalf of all families. The leadership and staff committed as builders collectively contribute their talent, knowledge and resources to ensure a thriving community for families to live, play, work and pray. Funding channels for new families in need and expanding the Mended Revitalization Program enables a highly effective model to achieve 2022 fiscal year outcomes and kick-off plan design for 2023. Please consider making The Mended Network a significant partner in your community portfolio and be a key to the success of the first New Home Build in Cleburne, Texas. Come celebrate each phase of the home building process by matching existing funds in place meant to sustain continued growth in Tarrant and Johnson County. For more information and a conversation about upcoming milestones please share your contact information with Rafael Munoz at rmunoz@themendednetwork.org.

Giving to one or more of the areas in a holistic approach changes the chances for new families in need to experience restoration. Keep in mind that interventions being made when children make-up part of the home facing hardships are complex. It is an expectation to have a strong sense of a child’s well-being in order to prioritize their physical, social, emotional, and mental health. And children need advocates to take a broad systems view in regards to their protection and safety wherever they are in their day to day activities. There is an intentional program design being considered to look at adverse conditions present in a child’s life because of the potential hurt they cause. Therefore, it is necessary to have a timely response when assistance and an intervention are in order making it possible to mobilize skilled and appropriate services. Children often feel trapped in their home environment along with their parents or at times with their elderly grandparents and suffer trying to overcome instability, insufficient finances, sickness, and other symptoms of hopelessness. You can give to The Mended Network to improve our readiness to respond to a family requesting assistance by clicking the link below.


Discipleship plans are available to church members and church leaders who demonstrate a commitment to connect in their local community and beyond. Encourage someone to join you or bring your friends and have engaging conversations with a community liaison with in-depth knowledge of generational poverty, systemic racism, trauma or how to advocate when you see a need for change. These are topics often related to the issues affecting the families requesting help. Groups are welcomed to participate in mission projects designed to include a bible study, scope of work and recreational opportunities aligned with spiritual growth principles.
Let us know if you have some expectations or how we can design an experience for you. We welcome faith leaders interested in partnering to reach out and make a connection. Send your email with a subject line title “Church Connection” to receive your discipleship plan.

Please email us at info@themendednetwork.org.

The Mended Network anticipates providing students in High School and College with a Pre-apprenticeship in the residential building trades. A formal training platform will include 8 components related to the home construction process. Students interested can submit an interest letter describing the motivation to learn in the construction field. A location selection for this initiative is pending and may be concentrated in Tarrant County/ Johnson County. Send an email with your letter of interest to info@themendednetwork.org with the subject title “pre-apprenticeship.”

High School, College or Career Students are invited to join the TUYO Advisory Council. Are you interested in a leadership role or do you want to develop leadership skills while carrying out the responsibilities of a youth council representative? Please submit a one-page letter and share what you believe you need to prepare you for college and name specific life skills that are a “must have.” Include the name of a university of interest, if any, and determine a set of goals once enrolled in college/ a university. To strengthen your application, collect two recommendation letters from adults in your independent school district or a church leader who knows you. The TUYO Community Advisory Council will launch in 2023 with an open application beginning in February 2023.

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2021 Best Corporate Community Builder awarded to KWS Manufacturing Company, Ltd. KWS and their stellar staff served Jeff, Kim and their son in a week-long project. Jeff has been fighting kidney cancer since 2017. (Update: soon after his story first published Jeff passed, and The Mended Network offers sincere condolences to Kim and Christian). Kim and her son Christian worked tirelessly caring for Jeff. The family made plans several years ago to remodel their house, but it was on hold with supplies laying in the backyard covered with a blue tarp. In 2021, Kim reached out to the Hope ministry from Pathway Church in Burleson and they mobilized the community network.