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Amelia’s Story

When have you ever seen someone in need and given what you have? Take this challenge to look closer at the greater community and set out to do a walk through. Let’s see if you discover any surprising jewels, spot anything strange or find something interesting. Being mindful as you walk could educate you about what is happening around you. For example, try to identify the assets in the community and start a dialogue with someone about it. Or look for an opportunity where you can help someone.

Let us introduce you to Amelia. She started looking for resources on the Haltom City website and found The Mended Network (TMN) program. One important part of the application she filled out is the narrative section where she could share her story. As it often happens there is so much more about someone’s story not included there.  Fast forward to the initial home visit by the Mended team of Don Cooper, Don Lemaster and Rodney Gattis. Amelia, overflowing with emotions and pain, started to share more about her story and talked openly. “She and her daughter evidently are in profound need of emotional healing and holistic restoration,” said Rodney A Gattis, Founder of TMN.

When her neighbor met Rodney, he mentioned that over the years he observed some of the chaos and anguish at Amelia’s home. Serious abuse of alcohol and violent behavior escalated on many occasions to spousal abuse. Her husband of over the years caused so much hurt to his family. Then he became severely sick, and Amelia started caring for him 24/7 in early 2020 when the pandemic also started up. He battled and lost his fight with cancer in April of 2021. After losing her husband Amelia started looking for people who would help her and her daughter.

The immediate attention had to be their suffering and hurt. Entering their grieving process guided the pace in which the Mended Revitalization Program could address some of the needs around their home. There was no good reason to leave out praying for healing and getting leads on the additional resources they will need to overcome their brokenness. Just imagine the conversations with Amelia and each moment overflows with her personal reflections. Each step forward Amelia has been showing she wants to do her best.

She remembers trying to address the damage to her roof, but she did not know how to do it. So, an in-depth roof inspection revealed evidence of severe damage. And there was still a window of time allowable for filing a claim. This meant that filing an insurance claim could get her home a new roof. In addition to the roof, the siding needed major work, and new soffit to close off where pests were biting through the eaves making their way into the attic.

It’s not there yet to call it home sweet home. Amelia’s home needs a lot more TLC. But you may have been asking yourself how it became so neglected. That thought and conversation happens to take center stage at times. Nonetheless, the Mended Network believes it takes building healthy relationships to be able to go where families are broken. It’s a first step towards responsibly strengthening community well-being. 

In this challenge to draw closer to the greater community comes an opportunity to take ownership for someone who needs your help. You may not want to, but you will showcase your strength and help fortify a pathway for a family like Amelia’s. The Mended Network together with you is focused on restoring families to a healthier home environment.


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