Barbara and Ellen's Story

Barbara and Ellen’s Story

In the present day, the collective experience faced in the pandemic you can hear from families how they are struggling, how they feel all alone, and it is troubling. For those whose home has succumbed to the Covid-19 virus can attest to the impact isolation creates and the difficult route back to good health. You may have seen friends or neighbors dropping off lunch and dinner to help these families or even yours. Perhaps it is not for friends only to have the duty to care for someone. A health care visit is a good enough reason to walk up and knock on someone’s door. If it is you that is willing to do this you can help break the silence of someone suffering isolation due to whatever the reason(s).

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Amelia’s Story

When have you ever seen someone in need and given what you have? Take this challenge to look closer at the greater community and set out to do a walk through. Let’s see if you discover any surprising jewels, spot anything strange or find something interesting. Being mindful as you walk could educate you about what is happening around you. For example, try to identify the assets in the community and start a dialogue with someone about it. Or look for an opportunity where you can help someone.